Dyer Oak Burl

The Dyer oak burl grew to record size in the fertile soils of Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley.   With a massive 9′ diameter it is a closer match in size to a huge Redwood burl.  This was the largest known Oak burl in The Northwest weighing in at a colossal 28,900 pounds (14.5 tons).  Special heavy duty equipment was required to load this on a low boy semi trailer and had to be flagged for a “wide load”  Every bit of the burl has fiddleback and interesting color shades that resemble  Australian Black Heart Sassafras.  Large 2″ thick bookmatched table top slabs have been cut and are currently drying.  Instrument sets, turning blanks, and small amounts of lumber will be available.

 The first time this will be offered will be a turning special on a lucky Tuesday!  Own your piece of this historic burl today.

Dyer Oak Burl Standing

Unloading the Dyer Oak Burl in our yard.